GE Medical Ohmeda Aestiva Anesthesia Machine

aestiva5-500x500GE Medical Ohmeda Aestiva Anesthesia Machine is merely the most advanced anesthesia machine. In fact, it seems wrong to even just call it an Anesthesia Machine, when there is so much more to it than that. The Aestiva Anesthesia Machine is compact, so it allows you to move it and utilize it in multiple rooms.

The Aestiva/5 offers exceptional capabilities and flexibility, giving you a cost-effective approach to anesthesia therapy.

The Aestiva/5 with SmartVent offers you selected capabilities of an intensive care ventilator, saving you the cost of bringing a separate ICU ventilator into the OR. Its flexible ergonomic design and intuitive operations enhance SmartVent’s capabilities to give you a higher level confidence and control. In addition, the Aestiva/5 provides an optimized system for the practice of low and minimal flow anesthesia, minimizing agent consumption to save on anesthetic agent costs.

The GE Medical Ohmeda Aestiva Anesthesia Machine’s open architecture gives you the flexibility to use your current monitors and data management systems, helping you stay within your budget while achieving physical integration in one unit. The Aestiva/5 also has built-in service diagnostics making service support easy and cost efficient.

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