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GE’s Avance Anesthesia Carestation

A GEGE’s Avance Anesthesia Carestation is a small, assimilated anesthesia carestation that is the finest in anesthesia patient monitoring and information management.

Remarkable response time and precision gives you the best in fresh gas control and effectiveness.

  • Low flow anesthesia supported: minimum gas flow of 150 mL/min.
  • 500 millisecond mixer response time – even for dramatic flow changes. This allows you to deliver exactly what you want, exactly when you want it.
  • Since the mixer delivers fresh gas directly to the inspiratory port on your command, there is no fresh gas or agent wasted to “charge the circuit”. This facilitates low flow clinical practices – even when changing from very high flows to very low flows.
  • Intuitive and fast setting of fresh gas flow mixture makes using our state-of-the-art gas mixer easy.
  • Dual flow sensing technology helps ensure safe operation. Gas flow is checked 200 times per second to insure the carestation is delivering the proper blend based on your setting.
  • Electronic cylinder pressure sensing technology alerts you when cylinders are low.
  • Alternate O2 control provides an independent fresh gas source and flow meter control when required – helping you to support your patient under unforeseen conditions.

The Avance comes equipped with an Advanced Breathing System, the ABSTM. Its design, based on your needs and our expertise, is fully integrated into the carestation.

  • Fewer parts and connections reduce the potential for leaks and misconnects, helping to provide greater patient safety.
  • The Multi Absorber canister facilitates fast, easy removal and replacement .
  • Fully autoclavable.
  • Choice of gas scavenging options helps provide compatibility with your existing waste gas system.
  • Easy on/off capability and no tools disassembly of the ABS facilitates easier cleaning and reduces maintenance time.

Special features of the GE Avance Anesthesia Carestation make it easy to use and enable you to focus more attention on your patient.

  • System checkout is fast and intuitive, with full-color photo images to illustrate each step and confirmation tones when each test is complete. A real-time clock displays time to complete each test and the date and time it passed.
  • Patient trends can be displayed in three views: measured (numerical), settings, and graphical. Trend data is saved every five minutes for the most recent 48 hours and every 30 minutes from 48 hours to 14 days.
  • Quick Keys let you easily change O2 and total flow settings. You can use Vent Setup keys to enter and change multiple settings and one button to confirm them.
  • You can press any Gas or Vent key to take the machine out of standby and initiate gas flow to start the case, essential for emergency cases.
  • An 8-second power-down delay protects against accidental shutdown during a case.